Composting Without Fruit Flies

Composting is the natural process of decay to change organic wastes into valuable, nutrient-rich material that can beef up the dry soil and supercharge the growth of your crops! Not only that, compost is a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers that will also save you money.

With the benefits of composting, there are some drawbacks. To the pesky fruit fly, a compost bin is like a giant dinner bell. Even with a lid, any fruit fly close to your home will be able to sniff out your decomposing food waste and come zipping in to get a taste! It doesn’t just stop there. Unfortunately, fruit flies will migrate from the compost bin to the fresh fruits on your countertop! That’s why it is so important to stop the infestation at its source with the FlyFix fruit fly trap.

Luckily FlyFix is here to protect your home from these invaders! With a natural lure like a banana slice, the FlyFix can be placed anywhere near your compost pile. It’s irresistible scent vortex that lures flies in, then KEEPS them in thanks to the no-escape funnel!

Cutting Banana With Fruit Fly Trap

If your compost container is metal, the Super-Strong Magnetic Clip will also hold the FlyFix right above the compost. This will shield the compost from the incoming invasion and trap fruit flies before they start breeding inside!

Composting with Fruit Fly Trap

Composting shouldn’t mean you have to live with the fruit flies.

Living green is great and the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap will work perfectly to help you live green without pesky pests to worry about!

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