How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in a Restaurant

While it’s pretty gross to think about fruit flies at home, it’s even more disgusting to think about fruit flies in a restaurant or bar that you own. Trust us, your customers feel the same way and definitely don’t want to see signs of fruit fly traps where they’re eating. Luckily for you, the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap is both attractive and effective, so you can get rid of fruit flies in a restaurant or bar without losing customers.

How FlyFix Traps Fruit Flies in a Restaurant

fruit flies in a restaurantFlyFix Fruit Fly Trap uses a special, patented scent vortex to lure the fruit flies in, but not let them back out! FlyFix works with dry or wet natural lures that you’d find around the kitchen. This means no harsh chemicals in the kitchen, pantry, or on the restaurant floor. Plus, you can test out different baits to find the best fit for the fruit flies in a restaurant. Customers from different regions around the US have reported that apple cider vinegar, overripe bananas or other fruit, a sugar/yeast combo, wine, and beer all work as effective lures.

Once you’ve caught the fruit flies, simply twist to fill, open to rinse and refill, then reuse! No more spending hundreds of dollars on year’s worth of ugly, disposable fruit fly traps that don’t work or only last 30 days. With FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap, you never have to worry about running out of bait, smelly attractants, or nasty chemicals – keeping you, and your customers, safe and healthy.


Where to Place FlyFix to Trap Fruit Flies in a Restaurant or Bar

Anywhere there is an abundance of food, there is also a chance of finding an abundance of fruit flies. Because of this, it stands to reason that you should put out your fruit fly traps anywhere food is available. But are some locations better than others for catching fruit flies? Here are the top places we would recommend placing a FlyFix fruit fly trap to trap fruit flies in a restaurant or bar:


In the kitchen, near the prepping area or the compost bins and trash cans, is a perfect place to set up a fruit fly trap. FlyFix includes a compost clip with an incredibly strong, rare earth magnet that will hold to all kinds of surfaces, allowing you to mount FlyFix in your prep sink or in the compost or trash bins.

On the bar

With its abundance of alcohol, sticky mixers, and fruit garnishes, the bar is a fruit fly’s heaven. And, can you really blame them when there is that much sugar in one place? Because FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap looks more like a modern accessory than a fruit fly trap and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it works great in public places. Putting them near the garnish station, next to the beer tap, or even directly on the bar won’t gross out customers. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll never even know!

Service area

Make sure fruit flies aren’t traveling out of the kitchen in your restaurant by placing attractive baits in the service area just outside the kitchen doors. This placement is especially helpful if this is also the location where table bussing tubs are dropped off with leftover food. Fruit flies will often choose the most attractive smelling food so if the bait inside the fruit fly trap is the best, then that is where they will congregate instead of following the plates out to your customers.

How Do Fruit Flies Find Your Restaurant?

fruit flies in a restaurantWe know you do everything you can to keep your kitchen and restaurant clean, but sometimes fruit flies happen. Especially when they are using mathematical algorithms and flying over 6.5 miles a day in search of food. No joke, a study found that fruit flies follow a search path that exactly matches a mathematical algorithm known as Lévy’s distribution. And, since fruit flies can smell food fermenting from up to 3/4 of a mile away, there’s a good chance that they didn’t magically appear in your restaurant. Those same amazing smells that bring (human) customers in day after day are also attracting the smallest of customers.

If all that wasn’t enough, since fruit flies feed on fermenting fruit, they are constantly ingesting small amounts of alcohol. So a spilled beer or glass of wine is irresistible to fruit flies – they can’t help but find it. In fact, scientists studying fruit fly breeding patterns discovered that males go drunk after rejection by attractive females. They were actually four times more likely to drown their sorrows in alcohol than males who were able to breed! So don’t be surprised if you have extra fruit flies following Valentines Day!

If you are fighting an infestation of fruit flies in a restaurant, don’t hesitate! They start breeding after only 24 hours and females can lay up to 500 eggs in one day. Get your FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap today, and make sure you are ready to make your restaurant or bar a No Fly Zone!