Protect your BBQ with the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap

fruit fly trapBarbecues and cookouts are fun for everyone, but not if you have to fend off unwanted bugs. There’s citronella for mosquitoes and lemon juice for ants, but what do you do about fruit flies? Now introducing the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap. This attractive and effective trap will keep your gathering fruit fly-free without grossing out any of your guests.

How Does the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap Capture Fruit Flies?

With its patented “scent vortex”, FlyFix lures the fruit flies inside, but doesn’t let them out! You can choose your own lure depending on what fruit flies are attracted to in your area, making the FlyFix fully customizable. The FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap locks together, making it spill-proof.  Best of all, cleaning and reusing the FlyFix is easy – just twist, fill, rinse, and reuse!

Where to Place FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap

fruit fly trapBecause fruit flies eat more than just fruit, we would recommend several different placements of the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap. Of course, the first option would be near the food. Whether you are having a buffet style or a family sit-down dinner, fruit flies are bound to appear where the food is. Another good place to put a FlyFix is near the barbecue and uncooked meat. This is especially helpful if the meat has been marinated as it will give off a sweet scent that the fruit flies may be attracted to. The waste receptacles are always abuzz, especially if the weather is warm. Make sure to use a compost clip to hold FlyFix inside the waste bin where the fruit flies will stay out of sight, and out of mind.  Lastly, we suggest placing a few FlyFix traps near where guests will be enjoying their food. You can do this by making the FlyFix part of the table centerpieces, or by letting them stand on their own.

When to Place FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap

fruit fly trapWe recommend placing the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap soon after arriving at the barbecue location. If you set out the bait before the meal takes place, you may be able to trap the majority of fruit flies before guests even arrive. It is also a good idea to keep the fruit fly traps out long after the food has been put away. Because fruit flies are also attracted to wine, beer, sugary sodas, and fruit juices, leaving the traps out will protect your drinks while you are mingling with the other party goers. This gives you more time to hear about your cousin’s wedding and your co-worker’s gossip without worrying about fruit flies.

No matter if you are hosting your barbecue in your backyard, a park, or at a beach, the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap is the perfect option to catch those annoying little buggers. Order yours today and cross fruit flies off your invite list!