New Fruit Fly Trap Saves You Dough!

Fruit flies. The archenemy of fruits and veggies everywhere. While this common household pest may appear to be just a nuisance, they can carry harmful diseases and be difficult to get rid of. Thankfully there is a new fruit fly trap on the market that really works!

Enter the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap. This attractive and effective fruit fly trap uses a special patented scent vortex to lure the flies in. Once in the trap, the fruit flies can’t escape, leaving your home clean and fruit fly free!

How Much Does a Fruit Fly Trap Cost?

Single-use, disposable fruit fly traps range from $5 to $12 each and only typically last for 30 days.

While you may not think twice about spending $5-10 on a fruit fly trap to keep your home clean, how would you feel about $168? That’s how much it would cost to buy two, single-use traps each month for a year. If you kept doing that for 10 years, you would spend over $1600! We think that is far too much money to invest in fruit fly traps. Not to mention how much waste is being produced when throwing away the disposable traps.

fruit fly trapFlyFix Fruit Fly Traps are available for less than $20 for a two-pack which comes with a magnetic compost clip. No need to throw them out each month. Just eliminate the fruit flies, replace the bait, and reuse! Plus, fruit flies are finicky creatures with food preferences that vary by region and type. With FlyFix, you can vary your lures to find the most effective one for your particular fruit flies. Not attracted to apple cider vinegar? That’s ok, try out a banana instead. Or wine, or beer, or… well you get the idea. Disposable traps with one type of bait don’t offer that level of flexibility – if it doesn’t work, you’re out the dough!


No more messing around with sticky paper or jars full of vinegar. Just open the FlyFix, add your preferred bait, lock and start trapping! When ready to empty, eliminate the fruit flies with running water, wash and reuse.

For only a few dollars more in the short term (and a ton of savings in the long term!), you will have a fruit fly trap that is not only effective but uses non-toxic lures, keeps your kitchen clean (and looks good doing it!), respects the environment, and is easy to use. An easy way to make your home a NO FLY ZONE.


FlyFix Commercial Lure Vapor Design DIY
Spill Proof


Safe for Fido
Natural, Non-toxic lures
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