Prevent Your Next Fruit Fly Infestation

Unless you live in Antarctica, the Fruit Fly will come to pay you a visit at some point. Though fruit flies are most prevalent in warmer months, they can be active all year around. Luckily there are three precautions you can take to prevent and keep infestations at bay.

Fruit Storage

Think of fruit left out on the countertop as an oasis for this pesky critter. All that a fruit fly could ever want is there. In order to keep this pest under control, you must first start with proper produce storage. The primary way to keep fruit flies at bay is to store your produce in the refrigerator.

In the case of unripe fruit that needs to stay out, store smartly. Unripe foods must be washed well and covered if left out on countertops. A tea towel is a great cover since it will keep fruit flies out and won’t trap too much moisture. Once adequately ripe, place in the refrigerator.

Compost Removal

As you can imagine, compost can be a strong lure for fruit flies so it’s imperative to remove it frequently. Even a small spill can be a breeding ground for the fruit fly, so remember to also keep the surrounding area spotless as material from compost can be spilled and forgotten.

Be Prepared Just in Case

Sometimes even the cleanest kitchen can become the victim of a fruit fly infestation, so it is best to prepare just in case! The FlyFix is the reusable solution to battle the infestation before it gets out of control! Simply Twist, Fill, Rinse, and Reuse again and again to keep fruit flies at bay for years to come.

Fruit Flies will be Back, So Be Prepared

Unlike other fruit fly traps, the FlyFix is reusable so it will be ready whenever fruit flies come to rear their ugly heads again. Don’t think having a reusable fruit fly trap is needed? See how much money you can save with the FlyFix compared to competitors’ disposable traps!