How to Trap Fruit Flies at Your Outdoor Event

trap fruit fliesNo matter what kind of outdoor activity you are hosting, if there’s food you’re bound to have some unwanted visitors. From ants to fruit flies to mosquitoes, insects are everywhere and love to eat. Thankfully we can help you trap fruit flies effectively with the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap.

Attractive and Effective at Picnics and BBQs

The FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap doesn’t look like a normal trap – and that’s a good thing! This trap is nice enough to grace a picnic table or buffet line without grossing out your guests. It’s also made of durable plastic, making it practical to use outdoors and pack in your picnic basket. FlyFix is designed with a patented scent vortex which is used to trap fruit flies but doesn’t let them out! Sit back and relax knowing that your aunt’s famous fruit salad will be eaten by humans and not by fruit flies.

Natural Lures in Use for Birthday Parties

The real beauty of FlyFix is that you can choose and use your own bait to trap fruit flies. No more nasty chemicals sitting next to the birthday cake or running out of lure at the worst time. Now you can trap fruit flies with natural, non-toxic lures you have available – like ripe fruit, wine or apple cider vinegar – while keeping an eye on the kids instead of the food. And the fruit flies will be grateful for the non-toxic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free snackage. Take that, overzealous soccer moms!

Spend Your Fortune On The Wedding, Not on Ways to Trap Fruit Flies

Did you know that at $7 each, purchasing two disposable fruit fly traps per month would cost over $168 a year? And it would be over $1600 after 10 years! Oftentimes this price doesn’t include the special lure that you have to use with the trap. At less than $17 for two, the reusable FlyFix is clearly the winner. Plus you’ll have a stunning and practical fruit fly trap that can be used for years to come, unlike that bridesmaids dress that you hate. FlyFix offers several different colors so you can mix and match to find one that fits with your decor. Hide them in plain sight by the flowers, fruit bowls, or as part of the centerpieces.

Get Spill Proof Fruit Fly Traps For the Block Party

trap fruit fliesNever worry again about that half-full jar of apple cider vinegar getting knocked over by rowdy kids (or adults)! FlyFix locks for spill-proof use yet is easy to empty and refill. You can now rest easy knowing the fruit flies won’t go flying if they get bumped, no matter how bumpin’ the music is. And, you’ll be the coolest mom on the block for saving the fruit from those little buggers that weren’t invited.

Clean Up The Campsite With Ease

The worst part of camping is packing everything back up, especially if it’s sticky, sweaty, sandy, or slimy. Luckily, FlyFix is easy to use and easy to clean. You can use a solid lure like a banana or a liquid such as apple cider vinegar to trap fruit flies. Once captured, just twist to fill the trap with water, unlock to dump the old lure and trapped fruit flies, and reuse. Now you can enjoy being close with nature without having to be close with the fruit flies.

Never again share your watermelon with a fruit fly or its babies. Check out the FlyFix Fruit Fly Trap and get yours today – before those nasty visitors try to move in for good!